About the LMFN

The different projects lead by Professors Dumas and Olivier at the LMFN focus on the use of CFD to predict and optimize the performances of various engineering systems including the production of green energy. Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) is a method based on the temporal and spatial discretizations of the unsteady non-linear equations governing the motion of a fluid (Navier-Stokes equations). However, the modelization of turbulence is still necessary in a majority of engineering applications (high Reynolds number) because the spectrum of dynamic structures, from the big swirls to the small dissipative structures, is too wide.



The research projects currently under investigation are described under the Research projets section.

In the course of their work, members of the LMFN use commercial codes (StarCCM+, FLUENT, CFX), build their own codes (Vortex method) or contribute to the development of "open source" codes, such as OPENFoam. Members of the LMFN (Professors, research professionals and grad students) are listed under the Team section.

The LMFN laboratory is located at the room 3302 of the Adrien-Pouliot building at Université Laval.  



Welcome to the website of the Laboratoire de Mécanique des Fluides Numérique (LMFN) of Université Laval.

Fluid mechanics is the field of mechanical enginering which is dedicated to the study of forces and phenomena associated to fluid flows. This science, which includes aerodynamics (aircrafts, wind turbines) and hydrodynamics (hydraulic turbines, hydrokinetic turbines), translates these phenomena into mathematical expressions. 

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), the chosen field of the LMFN, uses the power of computers to resolve unsteady and turbulent fluid flows in complex systems.

The LMFN is directed by Professor Guy Dumas since its creation in 1990. Professor Mathieu Olivier has joined the team as co-director in 2016. The laboratory continually contributes to the fame of the Mechanical Engineering Department of Université Laval in the field of experimental and numerical fluid mechanics.

We invite you to come and visit us in our main laboratory in the Adrien-Pouliot building, on the third floor at the local 3302!

Have a good visit!


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